Adhering to the principle of student-oriented, promoted development in communication— A series of face-to-face seminars were held


The Overseas Education College/International College held the core of strengthening moral education and cultivating people, maintaining the students-oriented principles, taking care of the students, and serving the students,  keeping the “face-to-face” dialogues, and  listening to students’ voices, a array of seminars were held.


Recently, our college has held four series of “face to face” lectures for undergraduates, independent students, domestic graduate students and international students in Dublin. Dean  Tao Tao, vice president Fu Wanli, deputy secretary of the party committee Luo Junfengsome counselors and teaching secretaries who are responsible to the work attended the symposium.


At the symposium, the student representatives who participated in the meeting showed their enthusiasm and actively reflected the problems and confusions they concerned about. The leaders and teachers of the college listened carefully to the those young people and exchanged ideas with students . The problems and suggestions placed forward by the students mainly focused on curriculum design, overseas exchange programs, professional and teachers’ structure, career planning guidance, innovation and entrepreneurship support, college resource utilization, and campus living environment improvement. In response to the questions raised by the staff, the leaders of the college and the participating teachers responded to the situation one by one and proposed the direction of future reform. At the same time, they also indicated that they will continue to listen to the opinions of the students, absorb the rationalization proposals, and further improve the relevant systems of the college.


The future of the students is the future of the college. At the meeting, Dean Tao Tao also shared his study abroad stories and study work experience. He encouraged students to take the initiative to learn and study happily and work hard to cultivate interest in learning. He pointed out that China's future development is inseparable from outstanding young people. He hoped that the students would work hard, consolidate their professional foundation, enhance their professional quality, and become an international comprehensive talents.


Since the launch of the “Face-to-Face Talk with the Dean” campaign in December 2017, a series of student symposia have been held each year, and a good communication channel has been established between the college leadership and the young students. It has enhanced the sense of belonging of the students and made them feel the care and expectation of the college leaders for the growth of young people. It has also greatly enhanced the students' confidence in the future development of the college. Through face-to-face communication, the leaders of the college will be able to effectively understand the problems of students and solve them in a timely manner. In the future, the “Director's Face- to-Face” campaign will continue to be held, and the whole college will work together to jointly put new strength into the construction and development of the college.

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