The International College finance major undergraduates visit high-quality enterprises


In order to further enhance the strength of the undergraduate program in Dublin, strengthen the students' professional cognition and enrich their practical experience, on the afternoon of May 24th, Li Feng, the second counselor of the International Finance Class 1 of the International College, organized the students to visit Xiamen Quality Enterprise Taikoo Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd. and Xtep (China) Co., Ltd. Gao Bin, deputy director of the Student Affairs Office, Luo Junfeng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the College, and Huang Jingyao, a staff member of the Student Office, and Zhang Feixia, the counselor of the International College, went together.


At the first stop of Taikoo Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd., the students fully realized the rigorous management of a modern enterprise. All teachers and students have to take an ID card to take a photo and pass the security check. In the company's corporate culture exhibition hall, a panel shows the development history of the company with 4,500 employees and 26 years of establishment. The management staff gave the students a detailed introduction to the company's aircraft maintenance services, parts manufacturing, technical training and other aspects. Being designed by the company itself, the well-designed and fully functional private aircraft cabin in the exhibition area is really eye-opening to students. In the face-to-face symposium arranged by the company, the human resources department of the company made a wonderful and detailed display of the company and the business of its parent company, Taikoo Group. The director of the Human Resources Department told the students that when recruiting talents, the priority of the factors that a company concerned is still the academic achievements. It is beneficial to participate in social activities. However, while participating in various activities, those who still have better performance represent that the students possess outstanding learning ability. Director Yin said that in the Taikoo company, even the hangar workers need to read the sample sheets in English, and she encouraged the students to take advantage of their English. In addition, the director responded to questions raised about the recruitment of Taikoo Financial Post and employee benefits.


As the main person in charge of the employment guidance of the college students, Mr. Gao Bin said that Xiamen University and Xiamen Taikoo Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd. have a deep relationship between the origins. The two sides have had in-depth cooperation in the establishment of Xiamen University aviation, and hope to broaden the way to recruit students on campus. Mr. Luo Junfeng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the College, introduced the situation of student source, training methods and professional advantages of the International College to the Director of India. He expressed his expectation of cooperation and exchanges with Taikoo Aircraft Engineering Co., Ltd. in the field of finance and accounting. A lecturer, Ms. Luo, encourages students to have a deeper understanding of the company and continuously improve their personal qualities and skills, and to own stronger competitiveness.


After the visit of Xiamen Taikoo Aircraft Co., Ltd., the teachers and students came to Xtep (China) Co., Ltd. The staff guided everyone to visit the sales department, research and development department and staff leisure area. The modern sales department, which is decorated in red as the main color, indicates that the sales performance is booming. The high- tech elements of the running shoes research and development department deeply impressed students. Those different friction coefficients of the circular runway, 360-degree speed measuring equipment, human skeleton model, 3D printers are to everyone's admiration. The work area that Xtep has created for its staff is fairly modern, which wins the good feelings of the students at once. The sea view buffet restaurant on the 25th floor can provide catering services for 200 employees. Free karaoke, gymnasium, yoga room and free private education for employees also reflect Xtep’s sincerity in creating a healthy living environment for employees.


The last part of the itinerary was shared by Mr. Wang Hua, who was a corporate lecturer  at Xtep and also an alumnus of Xiamen University. He made a detailed and vivid introduction of Xtep's founder’s experience, corporate development history, development strategy, corporate philosophy and recruitment promotion channels. Afterwards, the students talked with Ms. Zhou Xin, the deputy director of Xtep Human Resources, on the fashion, and quality of recruits. On behalf of the college, Mr. Luo Junfeng thanked the company for carefully arranging all the preparations. She sincerely invited Wang Hua and Mr. Zhou Xin to give them a lecture on corporating culture and career planning for the students.and also hope that Xtep create more positions for the students so that they can jointly explore innovative ways to enhance mutual understanding between students and businesses.


This high-quality business visit has benefited the students of the International College. Li Yi said, The management model and strategic planning of the advanced innovation of these two large enterprises have left a very deep impression on me, which has opened my eyes. Secondly, this visit also allows me to plan my life in the future more clearly. I am very grateful to have this opportunity. Zheng Yuan said, Special thanks to the two companies that Li Feng teacher contacted, which let us enter the enterprises, understand their culture and operation. I realized the importance of improving my professional performance and some practical ability.” Hu Jiayang said, “After visiting Xiamen Taikoo Aircraft Company and Xtep Marketing Department, my biggest achievement is that I really know the various elements of reality in business management which previously only exist in the case of theoretical knowledge of school textbooks.


This visit is another successful practice of the second counselor system of our school. It not only fully reflects the teachers' concern and guidance for the students' all-round development and future career planning, but also fully satisfies the students' desire to understand the society. In addition, the International College also attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' comprehensive abilities. In addition to teach professional knowledge, we also strive to explore various resources and continuously create more ways to establish a high-quality, multi-dimensional third classroom. Providing students with more opportunities for their career development and internship training will contribute to the construction of “double first-class” schools and to cultivate high-quality talents in “double first-class” universities.

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