Overseas Education College/International College 2018 Faculty Meeting Successfully Held


On the morning of January 17th, according to the unified arrangements of the higher party committees and unions and the school's Notice on the 2018 Secondary Teachers’ Representative Conference”, the 2018 Annual Staff Conference of the Overseas Education College/International College was held in the B102 multifunctional hall of Kun Luan Building. Members of the Party and Government Leading Group and all the faculty and staff attended the meetingwhich was hosted by Dai Yu, chairman of the labor union of the College.

 President Tao 's Annual Work Report for 2018

At the meeting, Professor Tao Tao, President of the College, made a summary of college work in 2018, a report on work plan and financial budget and final accounts in 2019. In the report, President Tao fully affirmed the contributions made by all the faculty and staff to the development of the College, and thanked them for their hard work.He said that year 2018 is for the college to advance and develop. The College has firmly adhered to its political orientation, upheld morality and fostered people, grasped rectification, promoted standardization, and promoted scientific development, formulated and improved a series of rules and regulations such as the Implementation Plan of the Three-fold and One-Great Decision-making System of Overseas Education Colleges/International Colleges, and Overseas Education Colleges/International Colleges political examination system of talents introduction, and strictly implemented the Joint Party-Government Meeting and the Three-fold and One Decision-making Machine, started the work of changing the Chinese language department, completed the labor union, strengthen the construction of teachers' morality and style, built up a high-quality teaching staff, stimulated teachers' vitality, strictly grasped the quality of teaching, improve the level of teaching and scientific research, consolidated the foundation of disciplines, encouraged the level of teaching and scientific research work, increased the incentives for high-level teaching and scientific research work, and improved the strength of disciplines. In 2018, the number of students enrolled in the Institute increased steadily and the income reached a record high. And the income of international institutes exceeded 100 million RMB for the first time, and that of overseas education institutes exceeded 10 million RMB.

According to the work plan of 2019, President Tao put forward the main tasks of 2019 according to the requirements of the Party Committee and the administration of the school and the actual development of the college: strengthening the construction of teachers' morality, establishing rules and regulations, standardizing management, ensuring the normal order of teaching and scientific research in the college; introducing and training at the same time, strengthening the construction of teachers; formulating regulations for selecting doctoral tutors in the college; and enhancing the level of teaching and scientific research, continuing to open up the market for students, starting the work of academicians, and preparing for the College of Creativity and Innovation of Xiamen University.

President Tao noted that Overseas Education College/international College should play a leading role in the construction of double-first-class University Plan, seize the opportunities and challenges of double-first-class construction, no special but characteristic, strengthen the construction of College characteristics, and make up for shortcomings and improve the level to promote the development of the institute, so as to achieve good results in the construction of double-first-class University Plan.

 Summary of XIAO Ningyao, Vice Chairman of the Institute's Labor Union

XIAO Ningyao, vice chairman of the labor union, summarized the work of the labor union in 2018, and reported on the use of labor union funds, team building and basic work.In 2018, the labor union of the College successfully completed the elections for the new team, assisted the staff recruited by the College to enjoy the same treatment when joining the labor unions of the College, held the second-level teaching congresses and teaching competitions, actively carried out cultural and sports activities, organized the New Year's Symposium on Retired Teachers, and gave full play to the role of labor union organizations, created a warm and harmonious home for all teachers and staffs.

Academic leaders issue certificates for recognized teachers

In order to commend the advanced and set up a typical example, the teachers who won the award in the 2018 Young Teachers' Teaching Competition of the College were commended at the meeting. Among them, YANG Wei, PAN Chaoqing and SHI Fengxia won the first prize, CAI Qingyun and ZHANG Lingzhi won the second prize, and LIU Jiali, QIU Xiaolei, WANG Ruojie and CHEN Jing won the third prize. YANG Wei was also selected by the College to participate in the thirteenth Young Teachers' Teaching Skills Competition and won the Best Courseware Award of the liberal arts group. The leaders of the institute appeared on the stage to issue certificates for the teachers who were commended.

 Group discussion

In accordance with the arrangements of the Leading Group for the preparation of the Conference, the faculty and staff of the College held group discussions on the summary of the work of the College in 2018, the report of the work plan in 2019 and the report of the financial budget and final accounts in conference rooms A104 and C104, respectively. During the discussion, the teachers carried forward democracy, brainstorming, gathering consensus and offering suggestions for the development of the college. After the group discussion, HONG Bing and LIN Yingting made presentations to the General Assembly and shared their views and suggestions on behalf of the group.

 Report on the Work of the Party Committee of Wang Yizuo College, Secretary of the Party Committee


Party Secretary WANG Yi made College Party Committee Annual Work Report 2018, and the concluding speech to this faculty meeting. Secretary Wang expressed her gratitude to all the faculty members for their strong support and cooperation in all aspects of the work of the College, and summarized the achievements of the Party building in 2018 from the aspects of the progress and effectiveness of the Party building, the ideological and political work, and the maintenance of campus security and stability. She hopes that teachers and staff will actively study and implement Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, inspire their spirit and relay efforts at a new historical starting point, carry out the fundamental task of building people with moral integrity, and speed up the construction of double first-class University Plan.

 Dai Yu, Chairman of the College Labor Union, presided over the meeting.


Following the successful completion of the various agendas, the Faculty Congress of Overseas Education College/International College in 2018 was successfully concluded.

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