President Tao Meet with Foreign and Taiwanese Teachers to Discuss the Development of the College


At the end of the Spring Festival, professor TAO Tao, president of our college invited teachers from Taiwan and foreign countries to meet at the campus restaurant. The dean said that the development of the college is inseparable from the teachers' efforts, highly affirmed the key role of the college teachers in deepening the all-round talent development, and also hoped that the teachers can give suggestions on the construction of the college.

 During the lunch, the atmosphere was relaxed and harmonious. The topics discussed covering all aspects of daily life and teaching work: changes in hometown, close ties between mainland China and Taiwan, teaching mode, college development, etc. Teacher XU Xueen expressed her gratitude to the college for helping the teachers in Taiwan. Both SHI Chunyu and LI Yusheng expressed the hope that the dean and the faculty could visit their hometown of Kaohsiung. The dean listened carefully to the suggestions of the teachers on the development of the college and listened to their personal appeals. He said that he would create a better working environment for the staff and further improve the service of the college in the new semester. At the end of the lunch meeting, the dean and the teachers talked about their New Year's vision and expressed that they would work together to build a better college in the new semester.

                                                         Translator: Huang Jing



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