Parents' Meeting of Class 2018 Held at International College


In order to further close parent-school contact, promote the communication of school and family,   make parents understand their children’s in school life timely, and achieve the goal of cultivating the international talents , the international college held the parents' meeting of class 2018 at the De Wang library’s lecture hall on January 12. More than 500 parents attended the meeting. WANG Yi, party secretary of the college, HUANG Guanhua, vice President of the college, and teachers from all teaching and research groups attended the parents' meeting.

 Party Secretary WANG Yi delivered a speech

At the meeting, party secretary of Overseas Education College/International College first came to a power speech. She welcomed the grade 2018 students’ parents and expressed gratitude to parents who pay attention to the work of the college and offer support to the college. Then she reported the admission status of 2018 new students, students and graduates employment entrance, etc. She emphasized the importance of parent-school cooperative, and she hope the parents could communicate development of international education strategy to promote the students to grow up.

Aiming at the choice problem after the student enters a higher school such as choosing profession, professional research team leader YANG Shuai, associate professor introduced the college professional setting, freshman and sophomore entrance requirements, curriculum evaluation methods and evaluation methods, in order to make parents strengthen the communication with the school, strengthen the communication with students, strive for educating the students well for the common good. Afterwards, SU De, student counsellor, introduced various student activities in campus, student management regulations and various measures taken by the school and the family. He also explained how to prevent fraud, campus and winter vacation safety precautions.

 Professor YANG Shuai, leader of the professional teaching and research group, made a speech


SU De introduced the student management system

After the report meeting, the parents returned to the class under the guidance of student volunteers and continued to communicate with the head teacher and teachers of the professional teaching and research group. The head teacher showed the class style and reported the students' situation at school. Teachers of international trade, accounting, finance, hotel management, art and other majors also met with the parents to give feedback and guided the students' learning situation and communicated with the students about their study and life.

Class communication


Parents communicate with the head teacher

In the consultation area of the college coffee shop, teachers of each professional group and class counselors were surrounded by parents to answer their questions about students' academic planning, major selection and overseas study in the new semester.

 Parents communicate with professional group teachers and counselors

After the meeting, the parents agreed that through this parents' meeting, not only deeply know about the school, but also deepened communication with teachers closely. It is of great harvest to participate in the meeting. A parent from Shandong said, Parents' meeting is very good. We can sit face to face with the teacher and have a heart-to-heart talk about the child's study, learn about the students' study in school and prepare for studying abroad in the future. A parent from Shanxi said, International college teachers are very serious and responsible, they prepared the head teachers’ comments, student transcripts and professional introduction and other materials for us, so we can be very intuitive to understand the students' learning situation. Finally, the parents' meeting ended successfully in the harmonious communication between teachers and parents.

More than 50 students and their parents participated in the 2019 spring recruitment seminar which was held in conference room A104, Kunluan building. The teachers of the admissions office introduced the spring recruitment program and invited the students to share their learning experience in the international college. Some practical Suggestions were put forward for the students and their parents.

                                                             Translator: Huang Jing

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