New changes, New blueprint - College staff held a New Year Greetings Forum


The wind is warm and the weather is nice. On the morning of January 9th, Xiang 'an campus welcomed a group of special guests. 30 retired teachers and staff of Overseas Education College/International College returned back to participate in the college's New Year activities. After arriving at the campus, they firstly visited the campus library. Walking in the huge Jia Geng building group, witnessing the magnificent DeWang library, feeling the development of the new campus, the old comrades are very happy and surprised.

After the visit, the old teachers came to the A104 meeting room of Kun Luan building to participate in the New Year greetings forum of the college's retired staff. The symposium was attended by President Tao, party secretary Wang Yi, vice President Fu Wanli, vice President Huang Guanhua, vice party secretary Wu Weiping, labor union members of the college and on-the-job faculty and staff representatives. The meeting was presided over by Dai Yu, chairman of the labor union.

Dai Yu expressed warm welcome to the retired staff and introduced the new labor union members. President Tao delivered a speech on behalf of the college, appreciated the retired faculty and staff for their long-term attention and support to the development of the college. He also introduced the new measures, new ideas and achievements of the college in teaching, scientific research and management in the past year. He pointed out that the college has paid great attention to the teaching quality last year, which constantly strengthened the training of all kinds of students, encouraged teachers to participate in teaching competitions, and made many efforts to promote the development of teaching and research achievements. He also hopes that the old teachers will continue to care for and support the college's career development, help the college achieve a new leap forward, and contribute to the double first-class University Plan construction.

Retired party branch secretary HUANG Xiangshan made a speech. He particularly thanked the college for its emphasis on retirement and for making retired staff feel at home. He said he was gratified to see great progress in teaching, scientific research and talent training. Retired faculty and staff have been very concerned about the development of the college, and hope that the college's various undertakings can be to a higher level.

The atmosphere of the forum was harmonious, and retired old comrades spoke enthusiastically to make suggestions for the development of the college. Teacher LIN Zihe expressed his gratitude to the college for their care and service to the retired staff, and put forward his own views on the development of the college's disciplines. He believed that more cooperation and exchanges should be carried out with foreign universities to promote the internationalization of education. ZHOU Shixiong shared his thoughts on the forty years of reform and opening up, especially his views on the development of foreign education. He hoped that the college could make good use of its own foundation, make overall planning and make breakthroughs in key points, so as to better conform to the general trend and environment of the times and promote deeper innovation and development. CAI Shiren suggested that the college should make great efforts in the construction of teaching staff and the quality of talent training, and make unremitting efforts to break through the bottleneck of development. Teacher HUANG Yimou shared his shock and moved when he saw the students of various universities chorus I love my motherland, and recited the scene of his writing for the tie down of the word nan gezi, words sonorous, every sentence resounding, won the scene bursts of applause. Other teachers present also spoke freely, they fully affirmed the college's work in retirement, felt sincerely happy for the rapid development of the college in recent years, and put forward specific opinions and suggestions on the college's future development and construction.

After carefully listening to the speeches of the veteran comrades, Wang Yi said: Every time I participated in the activities of retired comrades, I was deeply moved and educated. Listening to their speeches, we can personally feel their sense of responsibility, mission and professionalism. She said that the party and government leadership of the college will continue to carry forward the precious spirit and fine tradition left by the old comrades, lead the faculty, students and staff of the college to be full of fighting spirit and make achievements, draw a new blueprint together in the new era, strive to promote the construction of international communication capacity, and comprehensively start a new journey of prosperity and development of all undertakings.

My country and I cannot be separated for a moment. Wherever I go, a song of praise flows out...” At the end of the symposium, all the participants sang a chorus of my motherland and I, which was solemn and touching. After the activity, the union of the college, on behalf of the college, distributed New Year's greetings and best wishes to the retired teachers.

This activity strengthens the communication between the college and the retired faculty and makes the retired faculty realize the care and warmth of the college, and the opinions and suggestions of the retired faculty and staff also provided a strong boost for the development of the college. The report of the 19th national congress of the communist party of China stressed that retired cadres should be cared for. In the future, the college will continue to attach importance to the work of retired people, and care about and help retired people from all aspects of politics and life, so as to better integrate them into and serve them, make them have something to enjoy and do, and encourage them to contribute to the college and school construction.

                             (overseas education/international college Zou Wenjing)

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