Graduate school, Office of Academic Investigation and Survey at Overseas Education College and International College


On December 28, professor FANG Ying, executive vice president of the graduate school of Xiamen University and HUANG Yanping, deputy director of the office of academic affairs, jointly led a team to conduct a survey in Overseas Education College/International College to fully understand the development situation of the school and guide the related work of the school. President Tao Tao, secretary Wang Yi, vice President Fu Wanli and director Lian Zhidan of the Chinese department attended the research meeting.


President Tao Tao, on behalf of the college, introduced the development history, functional orientation, school-running characteristics and development ideas of the two colleges. He hoped that the graduate school and the office of academic affairs could offer further coordination and support to the college in recruiting and training master students and doctoral students in other places (in China) and teaching Chinese as a public course for the whole school. Vice President Fu Wanli made a comprehensive report on the teaching work of the two colleges and emphatically introduced the innovative teaching mode of talent cultivation in our college.


FANG Ying, executive vice President, fully recognized the contributions made by the two colleges to the development of the university. He said that this investigation fully deepened his understanding of the college. Students came from all over the country, and the activities they organized were colorful. For the problems raised by the school, the graduate school will seriously discuss and coordinate with relevant functional departments to solve them. HUANG Yanping, deputy director of the department, expressed her support for the construction of our school's curriculum system, and hoped that teachers of our school would actively apply for the research project of teaching reform. XUE Chenglong, deputy director of the training and management office of the graduate school, pointed out that the course Chinese cultural experience offered by our school is a very good innovative teaching model, which is expected to be extended to all overseas students in the school. The three parties also conducted a preliminary discussion on the focus of Chinese teaching for international students.


The joint investigation by the graduate school and the office of academic affairs fully reflects the university's emphasis on our school. In the future, Xiamen university will further strengthen cooperation with relevant functional departments to jointly promote the development of international students' education in Xiamen university.

                                                         Translator: Huang Jing

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