Review of the Postgraduate Recommendation Forum


On December 19th, in order to strengthen the academic discipline construction, create a deep learning atmosphere, and help students understand the postgraduate recommendation process, the related forum hosted by the Academic Department of the Student Union was successfully held in the A202 classroom of Kun Luan Building. The four students who smoothly obtained the postgraduate recommendation opportunities of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Wuhan University, and Central University of Finance and Economics respectively share their personal experiences, preparations for application materials, choice of universities, and interview notes.


ZHANG Yitian, a student who won the qualification to Shanghai Jiaotong University, not only shared her own experience, but also introduced a number of information platforms for the younger students. After that, she then talked about her participation in the summer camp. She presented the whole process in detail to students in the forum. Yitian shared how to triumph over the dry goods benefits in the battlefield rather than only help them understand what the postgraduate recommendation was. Finally, she also discussed the theory of red leaves and the theory of boiling water to help students enlarge their own advantages, as well as enhancing their competitiveness.


The next sharer is LIU Fenyue, a student who was accepted by Fudan University. She introduced the summer camps of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University and Peking University. Her direction covered the selection of the camps, the specific requirements of each camp and the interview process. LIU specially emphasized the personal qualities required for these interviews, such as mathematics and professional knowledge using capability. Emphasis is placed on helping the younger students to prepare for postgraduate recommendation.

The third one is WANG Yi. She explained the differences between the three methods of postgraduate recommendation and their respective requirements. WANG Yi also shared the specific stage planning of her freshman to junior year to audience, emphasizing the importance of clear planning. In the sophomore year, many students face the choice of going abroad, working, studying, or studying for a postgraduate degree. WANG Yi suggested that students should make the best plan for themselves according to their own situation.


The last one is LIN Fei, who won the offer of Central University of Finance and Economics who successfully. LIN laughed and said that she was the luckiest dog. When sharing her experiences, LIN Fei specially emphasized three points: The first point is to invest resumes as much as you can to top universities, so that the probability of getting a desirable offer will be greatly improved. The second point is to seize the best time of postgraduate recommendation, in nine Get high-profile college offers before the month to increase the possibility of obtaining college exemption qualifications; the third point is to prepare in advance, according to the specific academic requirements of colleges and universities, prepare the required materials, so that you will not be in a hurry when the opportunities come.


In the interactive session, the four sharers responded to the confusion students raised, patiently answered the instructions one by one, especially emphasized that the grades are the most essential one, and logic and English play an important role in the interview process. Clear self-positioning can guide the direction when making a plan.


The students who participated in the forum all said that the activities they received were not only the suggestions on postgraduate recommendation, but also the attitude of pursuing excellence. On the purpose of transferring knowledge, transmitting skills, and delivering dreams, giving full play to the power of role models and helping younger students to have a better understanding of the future development and specific planning.


Translated by Zhujuan Yang


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