Review of the third Talk to World


At 7:30 pm on December 11, 2018, the International Youth Forum, hosted by the Overseas Education College/International College, was held at Kun Luan Building. The theme is to discuss the differences in social culture among different countries. The college counselors ZHANG Feixia, CHEN Yixin, WEN Congcong, ZOU Wenjing and other teachers attended the activity.

At the beginning, the melodious traditional folk music Yi Dance brought the audience into the mysterious area. The performance full of minority characteristics indicated the multicultural theme of the Talk to World.  Later, the talk started officially between two Chinese hosts, eight overseas students and one special guest. They were DU Yiran and XIONG Feng from China, Max from Russia, ZHENG Chenrui from Thailand, CAO Cao from Tajikistan, American student BAI Jinsong, Australia student WANG Changgang, Netherlands, LI Weiwei, Shaqiru from Belarus, and LING Ying British, and a special guest LI Xiaolong from Tajikistan.

 The guests at the meeting discussed the different attitudes of the countries, the different attitudes of gift selection, communicative equality and so on. The enthusiastic speech brought a fierce cultural collision, providing the audience with different cultural perspectives and ways to think about the problem. For example, in the issue of aesthetic differences, students from 10 different countries of four continents expressed a very different concept in terms of skin color, fat and thin differences. Students from all over the world seek common ground while reserving differences, respect differences, understand individuality, and promote the communication and sharing of cultures in various nations.


During the intermission, Australia’s WANG Changgang presented a magic performance, followed by the Chinese and English bilingual version of “Blue and White Porcelain”, which combines the beauty of China and the English.


The second half of the talk was mainly for overseas students to introduce their country's customs to the audience. In a warm atmosphere, the guests led the audience, traveled through different countries, used, traced the good mutual relations with the Chinese nation, built a bridge of cultural exchanges, and aroused classmate’s curiosity of the world. Among them, CAO Cao from Tajikistan unveiled the mystery of his own country and described the friendly neighborhood relationship between the two countries. He highlighted the special feelings for the Chinese and Chinese people as Tajikistan is a country on the ancient Silk Road.


The talk not only promotes the cultural interchanges between the Chinese and foreign students, enhances mutual understanding, broadens the international vision of the students, but also creates a beneficial cultural exchange atmosphere for the whole college.

 Translated by Zhujuan Yang

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