Birmingham City University Hosted an Art Interview


On December 14th, Dr. Panch Suntharalingam, Senior Lecturer of the Art College at Birmingham City University (BCU), came to the International College to conduct professional interviews for students of the 2017 Art Project. 12 students from the majors of graphic, illustration, jewelry and fashion design participated this interview.

The interview was the first round of interviews of Birmingham City University for sophomore year students who major in art in International College. Each student completes several works and a certain number of test pieces according to the requirement of BCU, and displays a sketchbook containing interviews, ideas, sketches, works, and final works. And it contains a well-formed portfolio that can present the learning outcomes of the past year, as well as related creative records, works, and creating processes.

After the interview, Dr. Panch communicated with the teachers of the art teaching and research group on this round of interviews. He said that the survey, design and development of the students in the production process are pretty good, and the structure of the work is also complete and clear. Besides, the performance and collection of students showed that teachers have made great efforts in researching and guiding students. He is looking forward to seeing more outstanding student works in the next round ofinterviews


Translated by Zhujuan Yang.


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