Enjoy Beautiful Scenery and Make Progress Hand in Hand------The College Organized Staff to Have an Autumn Outing


In order to strengthen the ties among all the staff at the International College and encourage the interaction, the college union and members of the Party held an autumn outing, whose theme was “enjoy natural scenery and experience the Kaimin culture” in Chinese. In this activity, all the staff would visit the original place of Kaimin and spend their time admiring the breathtaking scenery in Beichen mountain of Tong’an town, through which everyone could have a better understanding of Kaimin culture. This is the first activity held by college union after a change of college union and it had received great support and enthusiasm from the college and staff.

Beautiful autumn in Beichen Mountain often absorbs people’s attention. On the morning of December 1, 50 staffs of the Overseas Education College led by Dean Tao and Wang Yi and Secretary of the Party Committee took the cars to the Beichen Mountain of Tong’an Town. The first stop was to visit the museum of Ming Dynasty. Guided by the interpreter, everyone began to have a general understanding about how WANG Shenzhi in Ming Dynasty tried his best to unify and develop Fujian Province and gradually knew its influence on our country’s aim named the Dreams of Chinese. After that, everyone went to the theater of Beichen Mountain to watch some shows, such as a dancing program called Strong Wind of Kaimin Culture, Sichuan Opera Face, traditional acrobatism and the show of some acrobats. These fantastic and high-standard shows left the audience great impressions and fully displayed the charm of Chinese culture.

 After the show ended, everybody walked around the mountain together with laughter and joy. When everyone arrived at a pavilion for resting, all the green and special scenery could be seen, which shown how grand this mountain was. What’s more, it made people have a better understanding of inheriting Kaimin culture and developing countryside vigorously. Staff all recognized the significant influence of President Xi who came up with the idea of socialism with Chinese characteristics on rural revitalization strategy.

After noon, it’s time for quality-development activities. There were staffs playing volleyball, playing with the shuttlecock, or chatting with each other about development prospects of our college and a better future.

In order to ensure this activity goes smoothly, college union and members of the Party drew up a detailed plan on the activity route, the activity content and so on in advance, which had gained high praise from all the staff who took part.

Our staff of the college are usually busy with teaching and scientific research. As a result, they do not have much spare time to get together and have an outing. Through this activity, staff can relax themselves from heavy work, release working pressure and enrich their daily life. Moreover, it also helps to enhance awareness of working together. We firmly believe that our college will develop better and everyone will pay more enthusiasm and confidence into their work.

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