Students Achieved Good Results in the 3rd Chinese University Students' Sommelier Competition


Recently, the finals of the thirdChinese University Students’ Sommelier Competition have come to an end in Beijing. After the fierce competition, JIANG Huiran, a Grade 2016 undergraduate student majored in Hospitality Management, won the award of Popularity for her outstanding performance, living up to the public’s expectation.

(Award Ceremony)

This competition was jointly held by French Bordeaux and Premium Bordeaux Wine Trade Union, and Commercial Investment Office of French Embassy and Consulate in China, mainly targeted at university students from sophomore to senior, majoring in wine-related majors or hotel management. This year, a total of 500 students from 50 universities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Fujian, Chongqing, Yunnan and Guizhou entered the competition. After more than two months of training, through the preliminary and semi-finals, 16 candidates entered the national finals at the end. There are five awards in the final, including champion, Runners-up and Second Runners-up, best popularity awards and best demeanor awards.


In the competition, JIANG Huiran showed a calm and stable performance, showing the quality of a professional bartender. The final was divided into three parts: introduction of production area, bottle opening and wine matching. While introducing the producing areas, candidates should introduce the drawn areas to five judges from the aspects of historical soil, grape varieties, brewing methods and wine characteristics.

 (Live performance)

In recent years, the International College adheres to the application-oriented teaching reform of promoting teaching by competition, and encourages students to participate in such professional competitions. In terms of construction of majors, the college takes advantage of internationalization and introduces high-quality educational resources from abroad, among which, the University of Central Lancashire, which is our cooperative university in the major of hotel management, ranks among the top five in the UK in terms of hotel and tourism specialties for many years. In terms of teaching content, the College pays attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality. In addition to learning the theoretical knowledge of the hotel industry and receiving skills training, students also receive professional teachers' training on wine and spirits, and etiquette training during their study. In terms of school-enterprise cooperation, we have established contacts with many five-star international hotel groups, such as Xiamen Conrad Hotel, Diyuan Victoria Hotel and Sheraton Hotel, to provide students with abundant employment training opportunities. At the same time, teachers guide students to participate in the competition, and providing special training guidance for students, which promotes the improvement of students' professional skills and comprehensive quality. The above measures have laid a solid foundation for students to participate in competitions and achieve good results, and broadened their horizons and ideas for future career development.

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