Consultation on the Selection of Student Exchange Program between Our University and Warwick University


1. The selection of objects: sophomore and junior in undergraduate students;

2. The selection of professional: not limited;

3. The selection of places: a 1 year or 2 half school year;

4. The application conditions:
1. Excellent academic performance, GPA 3.0 or above;

2. English language ability, IELTS score of 6.5 or more;
3. Physical and psychological health, comprehensive performance is outstanding, have a good adaptive capacity.

4. Have the appropriate financial ability to afford their own international travel, accommodation, living expenses, visa fees and other costs;

5. The application process:
1. All eligible students can apply to their faculty, where they are screened and submit a list of recommendations to the International Office. Each college can only recommend one candidate. International Office do not accept students to apply directly;

2. The school will send the student application materials and recommended list to the international office. The International Office will review the application materials and the applicants whose materials are qualified will be interviewed by the International Office, the Academic Affairs Office and the Student Affairs Office.

3. International Office will nominate students to the colleges and universities, and notify students to prepare the relevant materials, online applications;

6. The school application materials:
1. Fill in the complete "Xiamen University student exit exchange project application form", in triplicate (one original, two copies);

2. Candidate Chinese transcripts (to be stamped with the seal of the college or the signature of the teaching secretary) in triplicate (one original, two copies);

3. IELTS Proof (three copies);

4. College receipt (one, must have a college seal and signature, electronic version should be sent to, paper version should be applied with the school materials and sent to the International Office 809);

7. The school application deadline:
Please submit the relevant materials to the International Office before 4:00 pm on April 21(Friday).

8. Important tips:

1. Students who submitted their application materials should apply for passports as soon as possible.

2. If not the non-irresistible special circumstances, the students are not allowed to withdraw from the project at random.

Annex 1: Our school and the British Warwick University students exchange project information, click to download

Annex 2: Xiamen University students overseas exchange project application form (British Warwick University), click to download

Annex 3: College Receipt, click to download

Annex 4: information_sheet_2017_2018_revised_11_2016, click to download

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