Notice about Temple University 3+2 Cooperative Training Project in 2017


Basic information


Temple University (brief introduction and ranking among global universities see:

Project name

DBMD (Dual Bachelor’ s Master’ s Program)


Get undergraduate degree of Xiamen University and mater degree of Temple University within 5 years; exemption for GRE ( business college is not included); opportunity to apply for scholarship of Temple University, with highest mount up to 20% of tuition fee


No limitation; recommended by Xiamen University; final decision is made by Temple University

Project link


April 1

Project period

2 school years

Start date

Autumn: from August to December

Spring: from January to May

School Calendar:

Tuition fee

$1200/credit hour for master students; it varies in different majors( details see:

Room and board

Accommodation: approximate $4,000$5,000/term

Food: approximate $1,500/term


? 79+ for TOEFL (several departments may have higher requirement) or 6.5 for IELTS (7.0 for business school); lowest requirement for GPA is 3.5/4.5 (that is 3.0/4.0 or 80%)

? finish the majority of undergraduate courses before dispatching

? pass relevant business courses if apply for master in business college; pass relevant science courses if apply for master in medical college (such as life science, biochemistry, chemistry, biology, etc.)

?  year 3 or year 4 students

? different majors may have different requirement, details see:

Curriculum setting

Please refer to websites below:

Course Schedule:

Graduate Bulletin:

Main subjects open to students

Popular(Among all departments):

?  Actuarial Science (Fox School of Business)

?  Architecture (Tyler School of Art)*  NEW MAJOR

?  Biotechnology*  NEW MAJOR

?  Economics (College of Liberal Arts)

?  Communications Management (School of Media and Communication)

?  Computer Science (College of Science and Technology)

Details refer to:

How to apply

Application method

1. send application form and schedule to International Office( Room 809 in Jiageng Building); International Office and Temple University will ensure apply feasibility and hold interview to choose candidates

2. finish online application of Temple University independently when admitted:

Guidance for online application:

3. prepare materials required under the guidance from teachers in International Office when admitted(prepare in advance according to specific requirement in DBMD-factsheet is also recommended)

a)      Individual Study Plan

b)      Letters of Recommendation

c)      Resume or Curriculum Vitae:

d)      TOEFL or IELTS Score

e)      Applicants seeking admission to the Fox School of Business & Management are required to take the GMAT test

f)       Transcripts

g)      Application for Certificate of Eligibility (Form I20)

Sent by teachers in International Office via EMS to International Office in Temple University when materials are ready

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