Notice about Exchange Program with Cardiff University for Teachers and Students


Basic Information

Cardiff University is one of the closest UK universities with our school. The two parties established a joint research fund up to 1.2 million pounds to support teachers, postdoctoral fellows and doctors to visit the exchange school and exchange ideas, so as to improve scientific cooperation in subject areas which both parties are interested in.

Exchange Subjects and Terms

Exchange subjects are unlimited. Exchange terms for teachers, postdoctoral fellows and doctors are separately from 1 week to 3 months, from 1 month to 3 months and from 3 months to 1 year.

Funding scope

Transportation fee, visa fee, accommodation fee, health care insurance, basic living expenses and other relevant fees are included. The total amount of funding teachers and postdoctoral fellows is no more than 5000 pounds and for doctors is no more than 12000 pounds. During the exchange period, dispatched teachers and postdoctoral fellow are paid as usual. Credits which dispatched doctors’ gain in the exchange school are recognized and they can get tuition wavier at the same time.

Application time and process

Application is accepted in March and September each year. Applicants should state clearly about the specific forms of joint scientific research. Unanimous support from both parties is required. The application is first reviewed separately by juries of both parties and then discussed. Final decision is made by the receiving school.


1. Xiamen University and Cardiff University Teachers and Students Exchange Program Application Form (details see Appendix 1)

2. Personal CV

3. Invitation from receiving party


Individuals should apply to colleges before May 31 (Wednesday). Colleges will send scanned materials and College Information Summary Sheet (see Appendix 2) to

Appendix 1

Xiamen University and Cardiff University Teachers and Students Exchange Program Application Form (click here to download)

Appendix 2

College Information Summary Sheet (click here to download)

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