The 2016 IMPACTsummer program of New York University


一、Basic Information


New York University, founded in 1831, is   a private research university in Manhattan. It was ranked 33 in the United   States.Steinhardt School of Culture,Education &   Human Development will conduct IMPACT (Interactive   Multimedia   Performing Arts Collaborative Technology) summer program each year.

Program Name


IMPACT-----Multimedia performance art   cooperation is an interdisciplinary art creation practice project which is   initiated by the professors from the music education department of the NYC   humanities education faculty. It includes music, literature, science and   technology, multimedia, rhythm, design and other aspects of knowledge plate.

IMPACT—consists of the first letter of   five English words: Interactive Multimedia Performing Arts     Collaborative Technology.


Application Deadline

April 1in order to have enough time for visa   application

Program Duration

3 weeks

Starting Date

July 25- August 12August 4- August 6: academic   conference

Tuition Fee

Application Fee:$55

Tuition:about $2000(To be   decided)

Housing and Meal Plan (if on-campus):   $1,182

Health Insurance: $280

Application Requirements

?   Undergraduate and postgraduate students of all majors.

?Good moral character, law-abiding.

? Ifthe ability of English reading and   writing achieves fluency level, do not need to provide TOEFL or IELTS. AEnglish   interview is required.

? Good health, meet the standard of exit-entry   inspection.


Week 1: Orientation and Exposure

lFocus work sessions

lTech sessions& combined     arts sessions

lVisit productions using   media   technology

lImprovise and create

lShare our talents

lIncludes academic conference

Week 2: Development of Technological Skills and Creative Ideas

lDevelop skills to apply to   new   works

lForm arts collectives and     collaborations

lImprovise by exploring     materials & ideas

lDerive structure through     collaboration

lCritically reflect on new   work

Week 3 Sharing

lTransform our original     materials

lSynthesize our creative work

lCreate final structure for     sharing

lShare multimedia presentation

lCelebrate& recognize     achievements

Major Requirements

No specific requirements

二、How to apply

Application   Methods

? Applicants   should contact NYC project leader first: Teacher Yao(Mandrin)Wechat:NYU_MA Email:

?Applicants must   apply on the official website of New York University(Website:

? Please read   carefully about the program introduction and complete the application according   to the requirements.

? Once the   online application is completed, please pay attention to the admission   results.。


Project leader:Teacher   Yao(Mandrin)/ DR.JohnV.Gilbert   (English)              

Wechat:NYU_MA               Tel:212-998-5424(U.S.A)

Email:             Email:

Internal Procedures

?   Register in the website of the International Office before April 1,   registration procedures please refer to

?   Submit paper materials to the International office 809 (Jiageng main   building) before April 1

Application   form for XMU overseas exchange program

XMU   overseas exchange program consent

? Go   through the formalities before leaving school

Undergraduates:Go through the formalities for   a leave

Postgraduates through the formalities for a   leave



? Applicants are   required to voluntarily participate in the program, and obtain parental   consent.

? Applicants   must apply on the official website of NYC and pass the video interview on NYC   IMPACT program.

?Applicants   should read carefully about the program introduction、application   procedures and relevant regulations.

? Please follow   the teachers’ instructions to complete visa application etc.

?All these   programs are not tourism projects. Students should be independent enough to   face and live in multicultural environment. They need to overcome the   difficulties, have determination and courage to bear   stress and responsibilities.

? Should not   withdraw from the project after the application except for force majeure   factors.

?Every student   should be subject to the overall arrangement of the project, and should not   change the arrangement or act alone without permission.

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