The 2016 summer program of University of Michigan


一、Basic Information


University of Michigan—Ann Arbor is   founded in 1817 and is a famous research university in the world. The school   has 101 professional postgraduate education in the United States ranked 10,   is regarded as one of the top public Ivy universities.

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Program Name

The summer school of American campus   culture and energy environment 

Application Deadline

April 1

Program Duration

4 weeks

Starting Date

July 30- August 27

Tuition Fee


If you do not participate in the eastern   United States, it was $3500 (but one less academic credits)

If the tuition includes accommodation and   board


Application Requirements

? Undergraduate students of all majors

? Good moral character, law-abiding.

? If the ability of English reading and   writing achieves fluency level, do not need to provide TOEFL or IELTS. A English   interview is required.

? Good health, meet the standard of exit-entry   inspection.

Courses Arrangement

1)American   campus culture(2 credits*):Review   of the history and culture of American universities; College of engineering, Introductions   on the College of Arts and Sciences, Business School, Law School, Medical School,   School of public policy, School of Music and Dance of University of Michigan;   Admissions Guideline of University of Michigan undergraduates and graduates; Introductions   and visits on laboratory, library, Museum, student activity center of   University of Michigan; Introductions on Massachusetts Institute of   Technology and Harvard University;  Panel discussion conducted  between professors, undergraduates,   graduates of University of Michigan and Chinese overseas students.

2)American   energy environment (2 credits*):The U.S. energy demand and structure, research and development of   new energy, the environmental pollution control and the formulation and   implementation of environmental laws

* College decides if the credits can be   converted to credits of Xiamen University

Major Requirements

No specific requirements

二、How to apply

Application Methods

? Register in the website of the   International Office before April 1, registration procedures please refer to:

? Submit paper materials to the   International office 809 (Jiageng main building) before April 1:

Application form for XMU overseas   exchange program》

XMU overseas exchange program consent》

? Wait for the mail notification to   participate in the English interview organized by the International Office


International Office, North American

University of Michigan project leader:   Professor

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