The 2016 Asia-Africa intercollegiate summer program


In order to encourage our outstanding students to exchange short-term learning abroad, the school launched the language program of Sophia University、Asia research program、International Summer Camp of Korea University, International Summer Camp of Technion-Israel Institute and International Summer Camp of University of Stellenbosch. Among them, a number of programs have generous scholarships and tuition waiver. Welcome to sign up for the programs if you have the intention to go abroad. The notice is hereby issued as follows:

一、Application requirements

1.Applicants should be the registered undergraduates or postgraduates with outstanding academic records; all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique; high comprehensive quality;
 2. Applicants must participate in different kinds of social activities, have ability of organization, communication and be able to adapt to the new environment;
 3. If you don’t have a passport, must get a valid passport before the application deadline;

 4. Have ability to cover the return flight ticket, living cost, insurance and other fees;
 5. Language ability and GPA is required, only qualified applicants are admitted. Otherwise, the application will be rejected.
 6. Major requirements are needed for specific program, eg Technion-Israel Institute program
applicants should read the program information very carefully before application.

二、Application procedures
 1. Register in the website of the International Office, registration procedures please refer to:
 2. Submit paper materials to the International office 808 (Jiageng main building)

   《Application form for XMU overseas exchange program》
   《XMU overseas exchange program consent》
 3. Online Application
detailed application information refers to the schedule and poster)

Appendix 1:2016 Asia-Africa intercollegiate summer program (updated in 160324).xls
Appendix 2:2016 short-term program posters.rar

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