Application for German summer school of University of Trier is about to begin


一、Basic Information


University of Trier is located in Germany   Rhine Lan – Pfalz and founded in 1473. The school's key disciplines are   linguistics, cultural studies, law, economics, sociology, mathematics /   informatics and geography. The school has 11000 students. Because the school   is located in the transition zone of Germany, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, so   it puts more focus on the European research, interdisciplinary research. At   present it has built the Confucius college with our school.

Program Name

German summer school of University of   Trier


(English version:

Starting Date

August 1- August 26

Tuition Fee



- German courses on all levels from   A1 to C2 (80 hours of instruction   ) with a graded final test   and 5 ECTS points

- an   Europe-oriented academic   lecture and seminar program (12 hours)

- a   seminar on current   didactic methods and pedagogical concepts in the field of   German   as a Foreign Language (optional for level C1/C2, 24 hours)

-   excursions in Germany,   France and Luxemburg

Major Requirements

No specific requirements

二、How to apply

Application Methods

? Applicants must apply on the official   website of University of Trier

? Once the online application is   completed, please pay attention to the admission results.

Internal Procedures

? Please submit paper materials to the   International office 809 (Jiageng main building) after the admission is   confirmed:

Application form for overseas exchange   program》

XMU overseas exchange program consent》

? Register in the website of the   International Office, registration procedures please refer to:

? Go through the formalities before   leaving school

Undergraduates:Go   through the formalities for a leave;

Postgraduates:   Go through the formalities for a leave



? Applicants are required to voluntarily   participate in the program, and obtain parental consent.

? Must be ready for passport in   advance and apply for a visa after the admission is confirmed.

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