The 2016 summer program of University of Oxford


1. Program Duration: July 23- August 5 or August 8- August 21;
 2. Major Requirements
No specific requirements;
 3. Selection Objects
Undergraduate students and postgraduate students(except for graduating class);
 4. Courses
Specialized courses、general courses、forum discussion、Internship visit、Oxford characteristic experience、Cultural Tour(Appendix 1);
 5. Instructors
All courses are taught by the professors and lecturers of University of Oxford. In addition, the program adopts the most famous tutor system of Oxford, each student will be assigned a tutor who will maintain regular communication with students;
Student apartment of University of Oxford;
 7.Program Fee
28800 yuan(all expenses are included during the stay in the UK),including:
 1)Tuition, accommodation, catering costs, overseas travel insurance, aviation insurance, telephone card fees, transportation fees and other fees

 2)Visa Fee

 8. Documents checklist

 1) Application form
Appendix 2);
 2) One copy of ID card;

3) One copy of student ID card;

4) Copy of Passport's First Page ;
 5) Application form for overseas exchange program
Appendix 3);
 9. Deadline
April 30(2016 summer program plans to recruit 100 students. Application will stop in advance due to quota limitation),Please submit paper materials to the International office 809 as early as possible and send the materials to as well

 Note: Appendix 4-6 f are video materials of the 2015 University of Oxford summer program Appendix 1:2016 University of Oxford summer program.pdf
Appendix 2:Application form for 2015 University of Oxford summer program.docx
Appendix 3:Application form for overseas exchange program.doc
Appendix 4:2015 University of Oxford summer program –Academic.mp4
Appendix 5:2015 University of Oxford summer program -Social.mp4
Appendix 6:2015 University of Oxford summer program -Final Dinner.mp4

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