The 2016 summer program of University of Florida


一、Basic Information


University of Florida is a   public research university located in Florida, Gainesville. University of   Florida is one of 62 research universities joining the association of American   universities, the school history can be traced back to 1853. University of   Florida is one of the public Ivy Leagues, ranked 53 in the world in the   2016USNews world university rankings, 35 of the United States.

More information please see:

Program Name

Research Skills Exchange Program

Application Deadline

April 30. Students who apply after April   30 will be considered according to the actual situation.

Quota restrictions: 15 people

Program Duration

4 weeks

Starting Date

July 10- August 6

Tuition Fee


If the tuition includes accommodation and   board


Application Requirements

? Undergraduate   students who are interested in applying for graduate studies in the United   States

? Good moral character,   law-abiding.

? If the ability of English   reading and writing achieves fluency level, do not need to provide TOEFL or   IELTS. A interview is required If failed College English Test Band 4 or GPA is   below 3.0.

?Good   health, meet the standard of exit-entry inspection.

Courses Arrangement

Every Monday morning    Research theory

Every   Tuesday morning  Commonly used research   software and skills

Every   Wednesday afternoon  Group study

Every   Thursday morning  American College   Culture and Application guideline

Every   Friday morning  Lectures of special   topics (based on students' needs)

Activities   are organized by the school to visit Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa at weekends.   Voluntary basis, and expenses are covered by students.

* College decides if the credits can be   converted to credits of Xiamen University

Major Requirements

No specific requirements

二、How to apply

Application Methods

Please send the application form   (Appendix) and the copies of transcript and English results to Qu Yunxi   (project leader)( is named as surface-name-summer program application”

Internal Procedures

? Register in the website of the   International Office before April 30 , registration procedures please refer   to:

? Submit paper materials to the International   office 809 (Jiageng main building) before April 30:

Application form for XMU overseas   exchange program》

XMU overseas exchange program consent》


Summer program of University of Florida   project leader: Xu Yunxi(

Program Wechat ID:UFsummer2016 (summer program of University of Florida)



1. Please read and verify the project   information before applying. Applying for the program according to actual   situation and academic performance.

2.  Must be ready for passport in advance and   apply for a visa after the admission is confirmed.

3.  Once the application is successful, please pay   attention to the safety of travel, purchase insurance and comply with local   laws and regulations and school rules and regulations.

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