2016 joint summer program of three European universities


The joint summer classes organized by our partner university, the Utrecht University in Holland, begin to recruit students. The uniqueness of the summer classes is that you can have a study tour in Holland, Germany, Italy to experience a colorful summer life. Students can enter for a joint summer class (that is, study tour in three countries) or one of the three summer classes.

一、Basic Information

University Profiles 

Utrecht University, Netherlands (English:   Utrecht University) is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands, is   also one of the largest top research universities in Europe. University   ranking is the first of the Netherlands, sixth of Europe, 53 of the world

Free University Berlin, Germany (German:   Freie Universit by t Berlin, FUBiS) is the largest comprehensive public   university in Berlin, is also one of the nine elite colleges which is named   by the German government as well as one of the most distinguished German   universities.

Italy Catholic University of the Sacred   Heart (Italian: Universit Cattolica, del Sacro Cuore, UCSC) is a famous   private university of Humanities and Social Sciences which has five campuses,   seven advanced research centers and twelve colleges. It has the best law   school, School of Psychology and Institute of Politics in Europe. It's the   world's largest Catholic University and the largest private university in Europe.

University Website

UCSC(www.romesummerschool.org);Utrecht University(http://www.utrechtsummerschool.nl/);FUBiS(www.fu-berlin.de)

Program Link


Application Deadline

June 1st(Please synchronously complete   internal submission)

Program Duration

6 weeks for joint summer classes, 2 weeks   for individual program

Starting Date

Two batches:June   20- July 20; July 04- August 12

Tuition Fee

1.Apply for joint program:3560 euros

2.Apply for individual program: 1320 euros for Utrecht University and FUBiS ; 1345 euros for UCSC

Students of our school enjoy a 10%   discount of the tuition fee )

Internal Procedures

Application form for XMU overseas   exchange program》


? Register in the website of the   International Office, registration procedures please refer to:http://ice.xmu.edu.cn/showdown.aspx?news_id=3763

?  Go through the formalities before   leaving school

Undergraduates:Go   through the formalities for a leave;

Postgraduates:http://gs.xmu.edu.cn/ch/index/show/id/4515.html   Go through the formalities for a leave



? Applicants are required to   voluntarily participate in the program, and obtain parental consent.

?  Must be ready for   passport in advance and apply for a visa after the admission is confirmed.

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