2016 Economics summer school of University of Warwick


School of economics of University of Warwick will open summer classes in July 17th, 2016 – August 5th for economics, non-economic students (program details please see Appendix 1 and Appendix 2). The notice of summer classes is hereby illustrated as follows:

1.Program Duration:July 17th- August 5th (three weeks);

     2.Courses Information

 1)Core Courses for Economics Undergraduates-Intermediate Level, including Intermediate Econometrics, Intermediate Macroeconomics and Intermediate Microeconomics
 only available for sophomore and the junior undergraduate students majoring in Economics and related professions;
 2)Specialist Courses for Economics Undergraduates and Postgraduates, including Behavioral Economics, Game Theory, International Development, and Money and Banking
 only available for sophomore and the junior undergraduate students and postgraduates;
 3)Principles of Economics for Non-Economists,
No professional background requirements;
 3.Program content:
Course, lectures of economists / public figures, cultural visits and social events etc.;
 4.Program Fee
Tuition fee is ? 1995,accommodation fee is approximately ?440 ~ ?1360 based on the conditions.(if 5 or more students apply, each of the students enjoy 20% tuition waiver, students who submit an application before April 30th enjoy 10% tuition waiver, 20% discount group and 10% bird discount early does, not stack);

 5.How to apply: Online application: www.warwick.ac.uk/wess(transcript is required for application submission)
and please fill in a complete 《Application form for XMU overseas exchange program》(Appendix 3)和《XMU overseas exchange program consent》(Appendix 4)and send to the International Office 809;

 6.Application Deadline
April 30th, 2016

Appendix 1:Summer School flyer 2016.pdf
Appendix 2:Principles of Economics flyer 2016.pdf
Appendix 3:Application form for XMU overseas exchange program.doc
 Appendix 4XMU overseas exchange program consent.doc

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