The Info Session of 2017 spring semester "SAF student exchange program"


Study Abroad Foundation (SAF) is our formal intercollegiate cooperation partners. SAF university network platform covers 13 countries and more than 130 top universities of the world. Overseas exchange program conducted on the platform is our official intercollegiate exchange student program. For further selection of our students i to overseas exchange study n the spring semester of 2017, now we invite the teachers of the organization to have a lecture in our school, welcome interested students to participate in the program!

    Time: May 25th (Wednesday)  19:00 o'clock
     Venue: Siming campus Nanqiang 2  303

一、Lecture content:
 SAF overseas universities' exchange student program: students can proceed to the United States Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Los Angeles, Vanderbilt University, University of Minnesota, University of Oxford, University College London, University of Manchester, the University of Edinburgh and University of Queensland, University of New South Wales, Australia and so on, more than 50 top schools to exchange for one semester or one academic year. Majors are not limited, and enable to select courses cross departments. Students will become the official registered students and get the school official transcripts after the end of the study. Approved Credits of relevant courses can be converted according to the school regulations. Students enable to obtain an overseas study experience without affecting the normal graduation. The program is highly academic and professional; students can greatly expand their international perspectives, and lay a solid foundation for the subsequent academic development and further study.

Some SAF hot exchange universities information overview:

Note: the due days of some specific colleges is earlier, strongly suggest students to enter for the TOEFL or IELTS in advance.
Click SAF official website to see more intercollegiate exchange student programs:

 1. Full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students with academic excellence;

 2. TOEFL or IELTS results are met the requirements of the overseas universities

三,Application procedures
1. Enter for the TOEFL or IELTS in July
August of 2016, determine the exchange school based on achievements, major and admission requirements of overseas university.;
 2. Register and complete SAF online application and XMU International Office online application,registration process please see
 3. Prepare application materials prior to the application deadline, scan all the documents and upload to the SAF online application system;

 4. The original documents are required to submit to the SAF and submitted by the SAF to foreign universities, admission time is about 6 weeks after the closing date for applications

 5. After receiving the offer, complete the internal procedures, Visa, preparation etc according to the instructions of SAF teacher and our school teacher.

四,Documents checklist
 1. Transcript (English version x3、
Chinese version x1)
 2. Two letters of recommendation
 3. One copy of valid passport
 4. Two photos (6 inch, white background)
 5. Certificate of bank deposit x3
 6. Remit $2000 in total for SAF application fee and cash deposit. $200 application fee is not refundable, $1800 cash deposit can be deducted as program fee after admission
 Note: Due to the slight difference of application materials for different overseas universities, please contact advisors of SAF program for more details.

五、Program consultation:

SAF Study Abroad Foundation Shanghai office Teacher Chen
Address:Room B203, NO.2 Building, NO. 666, Xincun Road, Shanghai City
Tel: 021-66099952,021-66099956

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