Gains and losses of studying abroad


September, season of freshmen, to all the students of the first year, everything has just begun, including the dream; October, season of harvest, to Fu Xueying, a senior student of the International College. All the efforts are finally paid off. An offer from the University of Oxford means that a brand new world to her.

Alumni: Fu Xueying, a senior student of the International College,GPA3.89,IELTS scores 8,obtain the offer of Finance and Economics program from the University of Oxford in October of this year.

【Road to the Oxford】

Step.1 Set up a goal as early as possible

Speaking of the plan to study abroad, Fu clearly indicated that studying abroad is one of the life goals which is already well-planned since she was a freshman. For those students who cannot master their lives, studying abroad seems a little bit unreachable. Because few people can have the braveness and courage to take the first step. Everyone has different choices about their futures and different ways to go, so make a plan as early as possible . Fu said. Whether you plan to get a master of PHD, or study abroad, or just start to work, all the achievements are generated by just a budding idea. So why not take the first step from now?

Step.2 Lay a solid foundation, Increase GPA

Speaking of the college curriculum design, Fu thinks it is a must-do to follow the course arrangement. On the other hand, the students should be equipped with the ability of self-learning, especially for those students who wish to study abroad. For example, the Econometrics is a elemental course of financial economics, but the Econometrics is not included in compulsory courses as a result of the curriculum design. Therefore, students should contact some related courses for a better transition to foreign education.

For the financial students, some mathematics courses including calculus, linear algebra, probability , c + + programming language, and specialized courses like microeconomics, macroeconomic, corporate finance and investment are very important and helpful for studying abroad. If you can master knowledge, the grade point will be naturally increased

The courses of the first year are relatively easier, so try to increase the grade point during this year.

Pay more attention to the financial news, foreign exchange or stock which is beneficial your improvement.

From the above conversation, we can easily find that Fu pays a great attention to the specialized courses and she also use spare time to learn other specialized courses broaden her knowledge scopes, and that is the reason why she can eventually successfully obtain the offer.

Step.3 Contact with society, Internship is important

We all know that the application requirements for studying in UK include GPA, IELTS, VC and recommendation letters, and when it comes to the highlight of the application materials, Fu indicated that the internships and competition experiences are very crucial, especially for those students who plan to pursue master or PHD in foreign universities. Fu had participated in many competitions related to her major and she was an intern in the Construction Bank, the Orient Securities internship and also had internship experience in the KPMG. It should be stressed that the internship experience can only be accumulated by the students themselves, so they need to pay attention to internship information which is particularly important. In addition, participating in a number of activities can also broaden their horizons. For example, Fu Xuejie had been selected into a Singapore exchange program held by the university. Speaking of the experience, she said she learned a lot, not only about academic exchanges, but also learn the social skills and the ability of integrating into society. As for the students' work in the school, Fu gave her opnion: Students should take part in extracurricular activities as long as these activities do not affect their studies. In short, specialized knowledge and personality are both essential to succeed.

Step.4 Well prepare and grasp the timing

For the first successful application to Oxford, Fu thinks it is unexpected but sensible. First of all, in the preparation of personal materials, GPA and IELTS are two important elements. Secondly, CVs and letters of recommendation are also indispensable. The students are encouraged to prepare two to three months earlier before the submission. Highlighting personal characteristics and experience is very important. In addition, the students should take some time to browse the official website of the foreign institutions or related study forum (such as ChaseDream forum)  in order to obtain more information. If you have any questions, you can immediately post in the forum or send e-mail to the official website for help. In short, the specific plans for going abroad should begin one year before the formal application (including the school, project, score requirements, etc.), and apply and submit materials to the ideal university as soon as possible will greatly increase the probability of being admitted.

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