Worthy of the distant place you had been in


Alumni:<Fu Baiyu, graduated from Fujiou Education College High School and then entered the International College of Xiamen University in 2006, major in Financial Services. In 2009, she pursued her last-year bachelor degree in the University of Hull. In 2010, she completed her master the University of Hull. She is currently working in Fuzhou branch of China telecom.>

In 2009, when I set foot on the land of England, I felt very complicated. I have to deal with the intense and busy learning life instead of taking time to adjust the mood. Fortunately, my past years of study in the International College help me quickly adapt to the teaching mode in here. The International College opened a window for me and dragged me out of traditional education system. I start to learn how to collect information, how to write a report, how to do a presentation, and these learning skills have a positive influence on my future overseas study.

After a year, I finally got a bachelor's degree of Business and Financial management from the University of Hull. After that, I chose to stay in the Hull for my master. Modestly speaking, this year of study has made me be more independent, sophisticated and mature whether in life or learning.

After the graduation, I chose to come back to China. At that time, the 2012 campus recruitment is ongoing in full swing and I also applied for the several jobs and had been through a few intense interviews. Finally I got the offer of China Telecom, Fuzhou branch. So now I am well aware that there is no end for your life because a new chapter of your life has just begun.

I have read an article entitled worthy of their distance to the far, which points out the unfair treatment of overseas students during the interview. If someone questions you again, you can calmly tell him that English is not our only advantage. We are independent. We broaden our horizons. We experienced the happiness and sorrow and that means a lot to us.

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