In the three years of the International College, I grow step by step


Alumni: <Liu Wanjun, 2010 session Bachelor of Finance program, entered the International College of Xiamen University in 2010 and proceed to the Oxford Brookes University continue the last two years' bachelor degree in September of this year >

The blossom of phoenix flowers, the graduation season is getting closer. Three years ago, I carried with a clear goal stepping into the International College of the Xiamen University. At that time, I was fully confident about everything and looking forward to the future. In my freshman year, I chose Oxford Brookes University as my goal and clearly understood its admission requirements. Since then, I start to study hard to meet the requirements and achieve my goal. If you plan to study abroad, the IELTS score is very crucial that decides whether you can successfully apply for the foreign universities which means you are more likely to choose a better foreign university if your IELTS score is good. Therefore, we must pay attention to the English courses of the first year and try our best to improve English.

After finishing some basic courses of first year, I chose the Financial Services as my specialized course, because I am quite interested in this area. In the class, the teachers will introduce the conceptually things in details and analyze some cases to make us have a thorough knowledge of the course. Honestly, the HND books are a bit outdated, but our teachers will update in a timely manner and keep pace with the times. Meanwhile, the teacher will also recommend us some books to help us have a more comprehensive understanding of the knowledge.

Finally, I successfully applied for the University of Oxford Brooks with the help of the International College and my own efforts. I am very delighted because my goal is finally achieved. I will work harder and strive for a better university to continue my master. By then, I will try to integrate into the local culture and experience more cultures in different countries.

On the day of leaving school, of course we will feel sad. But fortunately, we had a chance to know each other, which is just a fate. Here, I wish all the teachers and staffs happy and well-being. And also wish all students have a promising future.

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