Overseas education allows me to see further and fly higher


Introduction: Yu Peizhong, enrolled in foundation to master programof financial service in 2006; entered Middlesex University in 2009 and graduated with 2:1; returned to China in 2010 and established Jiuzhou Star Investment Co. Ltd; currently president of Jiuzhou Star Investment Co. Ltd, vice-president of Chamber ofCommerce’sYoung Entrepreneur and chairman of alumni association of Xiamen University International College.

I always have a dream to study abroad when I was little and wanted to experience the western culture and customs. After graduating from high school, I knew that the International College of Xiamen University is cooperating with foreign universities, and then I chose its foundation to master program without hesitation because I wanted to experience domestic education while having an opportunity to study abroad. The college only could realise my dream.

It’s inevitable to be lonely and depressed when you study overseas all by yourself. You need to try to overcome all difficulties and strengthen your mentality to adjust to cultural shocks. You need to be clear that studying abroad doesn’t only have its literal meaning, but also blending into with the local environment and trying to learn to “living abroad”.

Study is not everything when you study abroad. Another goal to study abroad is to expand my horizons, experience western culture and learn what books don’t have. I chose the city that I liked first and then the university, which means I paid more attention to what this city could offer and then what the university could teach me. Many people may pursue universities with high rankings and put cities behind. I want to tell you that do not ignore the influence and changes an environment brings you. The intangible influence will be of great help for your improvement.

I attach more importance to the experiences I have in the UK regarding the gains I got. Those are my feelings and development on how to communicate with others. I’ve learned to be more optimistic, generous, tenacious and cooperative; regarding academy, my biggest gains were independent thinking and confidence.

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